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Have you redeemed any mutual funds in 2005? If you sold mutual funds that you owned in a non registered account, you must report your capital gains and capital losses on Schedule 3 of your tax return.

The good news is that capital gains are only half taxable.Cheap NFL Jerseys The bad news is that calculating mutual fund gains sometimes requires lots of number crunching.

Mutual fund realized gains or losses typically do not appear on any tax slips. It's easy to forget to report such dispositions. Review the fund's summary of 2005 transactions for gains and losses to report. The fund company may have already done all the calculations for you.

As a further reminder to report realized gains, you may also receive a Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys T5008 statement showing proceeds of disposition, but not the Adjusted Cost Base (ACB), of each fund redeemed.

Check for dispositions only in non registered accounts. Be sure your report is for a non registered account. Redemptions inside an RRSP don't have to be reported.

Compared to the effort sometimes required for mutual fund calculations, segregated fund tax reporting is easy. Because "seg funds" are life insurance policies you can rely entirely on the issuer to account for realized gains on the annual tax slips.Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Seg funds also report capital losses on tax slips. Seeing a number in box 37 on the T3 slip indicates that you own a segregated fund rather than a mutual fund.

A switch between two mutual funds within the same fund family involves a redemption of units. You need to report switches even though you have received no cash proceeds.

To allow you to make tax free switches among funds, some fund managers have created classes Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply within a single multi class mutual fund corporation. When you have shares of such a corporation the fund issues T5 slips. If your mutual fund issued a T3 slip, it's a trust.

Normally a switch involving trust units must be reported.

Have you transferred units of a mutual fund to your RRSP to make a contribution rather than writing a cheque? Maybe you wanted to avoid deferred sales charges. Such a transfer is a taxable disposition if you triggered a capital gain. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to claim realized losses on in kind contributions.

To be able to claim a capital loss you would need to first redeem your units; then write a Cheap Jerseys cheque for your RRSP contribution.

The key thing to remember about calculating the Adjusted Cost Base (ACB) of a mutual fund is that you should add reinvested distributions to the ACB. This ensures that you are not taxed twice on the same income. In fact, it's even possible to report a capital loss on a fund despite receiving sales proceeds that exceed the original cost. Every additional purchase or reinvested distribution changes your fund's average unit cost. Redemptions don't affect the average unit cost. You should use a computer spreadsheet for the calculation if the fund company has not already done all the number crunching for you.

Note that 2004 was the last year of the Exempt Capital Gains Balance (ECGB). If you have been Wholesale NFL Jerseys patiently holding a mutual fund after electing to report accrued capital gains back in 1994, you can add the ECGB to your ACB.

Occasionally, in doing mutual fund realized gains calculations, you may need professional tax advice.

For example, if you have transferred funds from sole ownership to joint ownership or inherited fund units directly from an estate, the ACB may not be the dollar amount shown on fund company records.

Calculating mutual fund capital gains and losses is not a project to leave to the weekend Wholesale Jerseys of April 29 30. Get started now.

Terry McBride is president of the local chapter of Advocis (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada). He works at Raymond James Ltd., a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. A recommendation of any strategy would only be made following a personal review of an individual situation. Seek independent advice for your tax related questions.

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