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If payment result show "Do Not Honor""Refuse to pay". pls contact your issuing bank to prove yourself paying then Re-order.
If payment still failed,pls pay by another card or Remitly / Wise (less fee).

1. Remitly:order amounts USD**
pls go (also mobile APP paying)
Family name:Guo
Given name:YouDe
Resident Identity card number:350127195709246373
Bank card number:6217856400025210494
pls send us payment copy for our easy checking (CNY TOTAL) when you finish the payment.

2.Wise:order amounts:USD** + debit fees
 USD** = total amounts:**USD (must convert to CNY - Chinese Yuan for payment)
pls go to pay as below information:
Full name of the account holder: YouDe Guo
Country: China
City: Fuzhou
 #139-5 guping rd,gulou district,fuzhou,fujian,china
Postal code:350000
bank name: Bank of China
UnionPay card number: 6217856400025210494
Phone number: +86-13107992900
pls send us payment copy for our easy checking (such as CNY TOTAL) when you finish the payment.

we will arrange shipping after your payment and then provide you tracking number. 
any question,pls don't hesitate to let me know.tks.